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Updated: June 16, 2005

16-Inch Robot Masudaya Model Kit from Japan. Really cool! Has been painted beautifully in second-season color-scheme with scratch-built-parts: Power-pac / computer-door / brain raised detail / added blinking-White-Lights to Head & to chest enhanced-blinking deep-red / replaced coil arms with improved Rubber-Coil & choice color for new arms & putty-claws for authentic prop-look / tasteful color on control-plate-buttons etc with red & metallic-gold for the two-sensors.

Custom Robot is shown with unfinished Masudaya Robot Not-Included to show the skill & time required to evolve into a work of art! Light-switch on-off located in back between lower-legs. Runs on 8 AA-battery-pak which cradles in Robot-legs. The correct rubber arms are hard to find, color & rubber-type! The arms have also been enhanced inside with foam & aluminum-wire makes arms bend well into postions. The Masudaya badly done Robot- voice-box has been taken out in place of batteries-for-lights. The voice is not authentic goes back & forth between Japanese & english as this item was not licensed in the 80's as for this reason stopped from any more being produced now rare not easy to get.

Another creation by artist, Jerry VonMueller of New York City!

Value: $400.

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