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Updated: December 16, 2023

Here is yet another masterpiece Lost in Space Robot built and painted by New Yorker, Jerry VonMueller. This Japanese YM-3 16" inch Masudaya Robot is newly built mint from the box with lites. Modified with blue lite in chest & white lites in brain area. The brain has raised precision custom hand-made details. The claws have been done correct way filled-in fiberglass putty, sanded & painted to look more realistic. This is the first season color scheme on the Robot with variation of greys, white, & silver from the black / white television of the mid 1960's. The computer tape section has been accurized with high attention to detail with mock computer door which opens 75% to reveal computer tape components located below Robots chest plate.

The Chest plate square buttons have been custom with printed stickers with correct names of functions to each button. The Japanese voice box has been removed to add a battery-pack for all the lights which has a hidden live switch between the back lower knee section. Included are eight AA batteries that runs all the lites. Easy flick of a single lite switch makes one steady blue lite in chest & two white blinking lites in the bubble head. The lites are bigger than the pictures shown here. Also very unique custom hand-made power pack cut from green circuit board with grey plastic frame.

This is truly a realistic looking Robot which brings back the greatness of Lost in Space in all it's glory!

Value: $400.

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