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Updated: February 19, 2006

Original Remco Lost in Space Robot. Custom-built with-lights! One of a kind item! From famous 1960's TV Lost in Space series. Just newly refurbished to all the glory of the "MeCHANiCAL MEN" one episode using the Collectible 1960's toy REMCO ROBOT.

Beautiful prestine paint job Metallic-Silver Barrel & Platform / Matte-Black Legs & Arms / Treads Gloss-Black / Red-Claws / Silver Collar / Repro-Bubble & Repro Red-Spinner / All Vintage-Parts except two items mentioned. The Black-Gloss Treads do not photo well. Are smooth & evenly consistant great contrast to the matte-black & silver-metallic.

Another creation by artist, Jerry VonMueller.

Value: $400.

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