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Updated: November 27, 2008

Lost in Space Remco Robot Mechanical Men! one of a kind fresh from the planet INDUSTRO transported to present day earth! All original Remco Robot vintage-parts. Prestine newly painted Industro Robot Silver-Metallic Torso & Platform / Matte-Black Legs & Arms & Robot-Treads. Red-Claws spin can make in different claw-postions. Original Bubble-Head good condition view from pics with Silver-Collar & Silver-Spinner!

Bubble has one Original Metal-Ring around top. One blinking-light in Bubble- Head, Upper-Chest & Lower Chest-Plate. Light-Switch on-off located on back- torso-barrel.

Runs on 8 AA-Battery-Pack sits under platfrom. Robot has no wheels for display only. Not easy to pull this custom Robot together very often but here he is now a collectors ultra-dream! This Industro-Robot has been brought back to life by avid pro-modeler LIS-fan Jerry VonMueller.

Value: $400.

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