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Updated: March 25, 2006

I received several e-mails on December 10, 2002 from fan Bill Early. I was informed by Bill that he has been building models for over 35 plus years. He then shared his newest creation a 1/3 replica scale model of the Lost in Space Pod. The project is a joint venture of Bill's and his many friends involved in this project. They are planning on including a full interior, and even a sculpted figure of John Robinson to stand at the controls. The replica Space Pod will be moulded from fiberglass, and some casting materials.

What you are looking at here are early photos of the outer hull made of "Tub Surrounds". These were obtained at a local hardware store, and is cheaper than working with plastic, and is larger in scale of model building such a project as this. There are additional plans to include lights & a fusion core. With a main dish antennas on the front, which will move up and down. It will include all the motion added to it as if it was the filming miniature.

Received an e-mail from Bill on March 2, 2004 with some attached photos of his recent work on the Lost in Space Pod. More photos and updates to follow. "Great Work Bill!"

Hey gang! Here are a few pictures of my latest project. I am doing a LIS Space Pod to scale with the 4 foot Jupiter-2. It will be displayed at Wonderfest this year in a special Irwin Allen display with a Jupiter-2. I'm ready to put the final paint on, I just haven't done it yet. I still have to make the side thrusters, But that's about it. Stands about 10 inches tall and should look real cool after it's painted.

(*) Update: Received an e-mail from Bill on September 14, 2005. Bill sent me some new photos for the site including his neat John Robinson figure. Bill is still working on the prototype Space Pod for Norman Sockwell at Sci-Fi Metro. He is nearly completed this project, and close for production. More photos to come....

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