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Updated: April 10, 2012

We never saw this item close up on the Lost in Space episode called, "The Golden Man" but here it is! This prop was seating on an alien moving device and was later launched to Jonathan Harris (Dr. Smith) who panics and throws it over a tree.

This rare device was also used on the TV series, "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea". The prop is made by hand, and is made of wood and painted to a fine detail. This was shared to me by a fellow prop collector. This small silver-painted wooden "bomb" device, measures 5 inches x 2 1/2 inches square, with green & red knobs & antennas protruding from five sides.

(*) The other prop was a wrench used on "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. There are rumors that this prop was also used on Lost in Space as a solar wrench?

Value: $1,500-Up.

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