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Updated: March 30, 2024

This is a hyper-atomic missile replica prop that was first seen briefly in the Lost in Space episode Forbidden World. Since I had the an original blueprint for it, it seemed a waste not to bring the prop back to life again. The design and work that went into the original screen used prop could not be fully appreciated since it was only seen briefly and not very clearly at all. So it was fun to build this and see what the original really looked like.

The blueprint even included the original colors that it was to be painted, including lavender, orange, yellow, and aluminum. This was built for the first color season and they apparently wanted to take advantage of that fact. The nose cone is painted orange and only lit around the sides by the light bulb under it giving it a glow. The miniature is just over high and can be seen in the episode flying by the Jupiter-2 I scratch built it with the only change being that I used LED's for the flashing pod lights since they would be hard to ever replace. It can be internally powered by 3 volts, however I'm using external wires to suspend it and power it since it will be hanging outside the porthole in my Jupiter-2 room when thats done.

Bill Hedges

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