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Updated: March 30, 2024

This is a replica Quasti spirit mask from the Lost in Space episode, "Follow The Leader". In this episode, a cave dwelling alien spirit named Kanto tries to take over John Robinson's mind to use his body and leave the planet. Under Kanto's control, John Robinson wore this mask to hide his identity from the rest of the family until Will got John to regain control of his mind and John threw the helmet mask / spirit into a crevice leading to the core of the planet.

The mask, made of a strange alien material, called polymer clay, separated from the helmet in the fall into the crevice, and months later when the planet blew apart, was sent drifting into deep space. It was later aquired by the Space Trader who then traded it to Bill Hedges for a reel to reel tape recorder. The mask now resides in the Intergalactic Museum of Science Fiction Stuff, also known as Bill's study.

Further details can be found at:

( * ) Special thanks to Bill Hedges for sending us these great photos on this fantastic replica prop. Truely one of the best items I've ever seen made by a fan!

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