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Updated: April 04, 2024

( * ) I received this e-mail and photos on October 4, 2005:

Hey Robert,

Here are some pictures of the chariot, I came by it when a friend of mine called me and told me that the company he worked for was demolishing a storage warehouse and that there was something in it I might want. The warehouse was here in Houston Texas and had been owned by an oilfield drilling equipment company, but from what I saw it was just full of junk. That was in 1991 I think? The lower half of the model seems to be fiberglass, wood, and aluminum. The tracks are rubber, metal, and some kind of hard plastic. The upper part is plexiglass with some kind of plastic making up the framework.

There is no interior detail, and I couldn't find any sign of it in the warehouse. One thing I think is cool is that all the exterior lights are real fixtures and actually work. I think the name of the people who owned the building was slumberge? When I got it I was told to keep my mouth shut, I wasn't supposed to have been on site and should never have been allowed to take anything, so I really didn't try to hard to find out a history, I was just happy to have saved it. I would just love to know why it was built, why it was not finished and why it ended up in a rat filled warehouse in a bad part of Houston?



( * ) This is an incredible find! There were only two original Chariots made for the classic Lost in Space TV series. The life-size Chariot now long gone and destroyed for the most part on some ski lodge. The miniature Chariot, currently on display in Kevin Burns office. The only other Chariot prop that was made was in 1991 by Orion Productions, which I currently own. This Chariot is even more detail and the workmanship is awesome. This might be yet another Orion prop, or even a fan-made item? Never the less, we are glad you saved it Greg, and sharing it with all of us.

This is yet another first for Irwin Allen fandom at it's very best!

Robert - "Uncle Odie"

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