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Updated: April 04, 2024

This remote controlled Chariot was made in 1992 by Orion Productions. It was made for a TV commerical. The prop is made of aluminum, steel, brass, & plastic. The Chariot is 1 1/2'" scale or 25" long, 18" high, and 13" wide. This is a true treasuer for any LIS fan to own.

From what information I have gathered on this prop, it was the only one ever made. The Company that made this also decided to paint the Chariot blue, instead of silver for quality of filming. Silver reflects on camera lighting, and silver doesn't give much color if any when shooting. I have not been able to obtain any information on what TV commerical this was made for? If anyone has any information on this please contact me.

Many thanks to Stan Lovingfoss of Yucaipa California for selling this item. "Believe it or not, his street name was Sandy Canyon Road?" I purchased this item on July 8, 1998. ( * ) I am considering re-doing this prop to the original color design from the series. Re-painting it to silver, cutting open a bay hatch side door, and adding four additional seats. I am also considering adding front control panels with lights. The Trendmaster dolls fit perfect in this Chariot too! What is your comments on this? Should I keep it as is, or revise it to it's original design? Please e-mail me with your comments??

Value: $6,000.

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