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Updated: March 27, 2007

This costume was offered to me several years ago as a pair. Being Matt LeBlanc & Heather Graham Cryo suits from the Lost in Space movie. I had the change about a year ago to purchase William Hurts cryo suit, and unfortunately lost the costume by $1.00 and selling for $3,001.00 through a New Line Cinema auction. The Heather Graham cryo suit went to another happy camper, and this cryo suit is still up for grabs. The costume was worn by actor Matt LeBlanc (best know as Joey on Friends) is very impressive to say the least.

From what I was told only 3 of these costumes were made for each actor/actress for the film. They were very expensive to make and time consuming. The actor/actress had to lay in rubber latex material for several hours before moulds could be made. The costume (similar to a wet suit) is made of latex and rubber, and is very heavy. The costume also has tiny color lights within the suit with activated. Wiring is ran throughout the entire costume. The costume is assembled together in two pieces, and comes complete with original boots. Many of the costumes made for this film were very heavy weighing over 40 to 50 pounds if not more when worn. This in my opinion was the nieces of all costumes made/designed for the Lost in Space movie.

Value: $5,000-Up.

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