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Updated: October 27, 2023

In the Twenty-First Century, man has finally affected the Earth in such a way that the planet faces ecological disaster. To save mankind from almost-certain extinction, the world community organizes a space mission to send the Robinson family out to colonize Alpha-Prime, Earth's closest inhabitable neighbor. Unfortunately, Dr. Zachary Smith, a less-than-noble accidental stowaway on the spaceship Jupiter-2, has nefarious plans for humanity's last hope.


When props are produced for a film or television series, different variations of the pieces are usually made for various uses:

Hero props are created that can stand up to the scrutiny of a camera close-up in which every imperfection will be perceptible. These props might feature electronics; full or limited functionality; and simple or sophisticated animatronics. Hardcopies are made that can be filmed at relatively close quarters, but are primarily meant to look good at a moderate distance. This type provides a realistic look-and-feel without imposing the costs of a hero unit. Stunts are versions of props that are generally made of hard or soft foam rubber for use in the performance of various stunts. Otherwise, the performer might be harmed if a hero or hardcopy style of the piece is employed. ( Not to mention that a valuable and expensive hero prop might be damaged or destroyed during a stunt. )


This is a screen-used hard rubber stunt pistol used in the "Lost in Space" movie. As is typical for props such as these, there are various wear-and-tear marks on the pistol, and the casting is not flawless. Nonetheless, the overall quality of the prop is excellent. Also included with this exemplary item is an LGCOA ( Lifetime Guarantee Certificate of Authenticity ) verifying the prop's genuineness. Extremely cool piece of weapon memorabilia from a motion picture that brought a TV cult classic to the big screen.

Value: $2,000.

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