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Updated: May 21, 2022

The 4 x 8 32 Light Chaser Kit Circular Rotating Engine Light Effects for Moebius™ 18" Jupiter-2 Model Four LEDs Dancing in Eight Bewitching Steps.

The 4 x 8 32 Light Chaser Kit provides the circular rotating engine light effect for Moebius' 18" Jupite-2 model. It is 4.375" in diameter and with the 3mm LEDs in place will fit neatly into the Jupiter-2's engine module.

The 4 x 8 32 Light Chaser Kit gives you superior results because:

The chase speed is variable The light brightness is variable The LEDs are "warm white." The "warm white" look is more pleasing to the eye; more like an incandescent light source.

You can also use the 4 x 8 32 Light Chaser Kit to light up any circular design or project. Without the included Sequenziatore sequencer, the LEDs could simply glow in a circle. You can also substitute other color LEDs. For example, the Polar Light's C-57D Cruiser engine has a similar rotating engine effect all in red.

The 4 x 8 32 Light Chaser kit is easy to work with and easy to assemble. The illustrated manual shows step by step how to finish with minimal fuss.

The 4 x 8 32 Light Chaser Kit Comes With:

Two custom printed untrimmed, un-drilled circuit boards One 555 Integrated circuit One 470 Ohm trimmer potentiometer One 100 Ohm trimmer potentiometer Two general purpose diodes One general purpose NPN type transistor One .1 mF capacitor One 47 mF capacitor One 200 Ohm resistor One set PC type power connector, plug with leads and 9 Volt style battery snaps Three inches small diamteter heat-shrink tubing Twenty-four inches of 10-connector ribbon wire 32 3mm (T-1) LEDs "warm white" color Illustrated assembly instructions

What You Should Know:

The custom circuit board is provided untrimmed, but the thin material is easy to cut with heavy-duty scissors or a paper cutter.

Some experience at soldering electronics will be helpful—but this kit can be done by a modeler who is just learning to solder. We recommend a fine-point soldering iron and small diameter solder.

The custom printed circuit boards will need to be drilled to accept the circuit components. You will need a 1/32" drill bit—or more than one, in case one breaks.

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