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Updated: May 21, 2022

New release in 2010! Voodoofx & Roberts Engineering have designed the ultimate electronics kit. Kit #1 the interior package gives all the parts to light up your model with room for expansion. Kit #2 gives you the rotating light effects with four effects that are down right amazing!

(Kit #1) Interior: (Kit includes) Two 24 port circuit boards, assorted resistors, hook up wire, shrink tubing, 9-Volt power hook up, 2 specialized diffusion material, 28 assorted leds, full instructions (Features) On lighting only.

(Price $99.99 + S/H)

(Kit #2) Rotating Light Effect: (Kit Includes) One main controller board, 1 Dome display board, 5-Volt battery box, hook up wire, shrink tubing, full instructions (Features) 4 effects, 1 warm up and idle, 2 high speed cruise, 3 just landed, 4 off.

(Price $99.99 + S/H)

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