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Updated: September 05, 2022

A little background on me. I'm 35 and live in Las Vegas, NV (close to Area 51). I am a disabled Desert Storm Army Veteran. I'm currently single and just live every day to its fullest! Remember those famous phrases from that great television show as we grew up?!! I would never miss an episode! As we grew older we still remained kids at heart and maybe wished or even dream that the show was real and to be a part of the action or better yet have something that reminded us of the show.

Polar Lights and Lunar Models released models of the famous Jupiter-2 much to our enjoyment but a lot of us didn't have the skill or time to build it skillfully enough to proudly display it in awe of our family and friends in true tribute to the show! Well, I discovered "The Kit Factory" and the great Simon Mercs, who answered my prayers and built one to my specifications from the Polar Lights 12" series true to the show in great detail. As you can see from the pictures, the after market seats, landing pads and lighted control panels were added to be exactly like the show model!!! Also it comes with a fully lit upper Dome, Fusion Core, Internal Control Panels, Console Lighting, Astrogator Lighting, Cabin Lighting, Stasis Tube Lighting, and all are controlled by 2 external switches and a 9 Volt and plug in power supply. The electronics are top quality and will last many years.

The interior is hand painted in very close detail, using reference material of the real prop as a guide, and the exterior is airbrushed using the correct hull color. Alas there was only room for the top floor only. The bottom is taken up by numerous wires that run all of the graphics and lights. It is truly a one-of-a-kind model which much to my delight is awesome!!! Also, I'm including the landing pad complete with a push button that plays the landing sequence sounds when pushed, the Johnny Lightning Chariot, Space Pod and the Robot from the television series.

If you look closely enough to the main outer hatch and view port you can see a blinking red light that with imagination can be believed to be the Robot, vigilant as ever! I dare you to watch some of the original first episodes and see just how close to detail that Simon achieved. If you ever want a model done right the first time or if you have one that you purchased from another modeler that just isn't right, contact Simon and he can perform miracles!!!

All in all it makes a terrific diorama!!! Something any true fan of the Lost in Space television series would appreciate and enjoy and proudly pass on to their kids and then grandkids for years to come!!! I paid a lot of money to have it built true to detail and I'm only selling it so I can get a 16 1/2" Jupiter-2 built with more space and detail completed by Simon. Trust me when I say that I've tried others and no one else comes close to his perfection!!!

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