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Updated: January 26, 2005

For fans of the classic Science Fiction of Irwin Allen, creator of THE TOWERING INFERNO, THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, LAND OF THE GIANTS, and LOST IN SPACE, comes this 1977 Script for CBS, IRWIN ALLEN'S PRODUCTION OF THE RETURN OF CAPTAIN NEMO.

His goal was Atlantis - but first he must conquer the menace of the depths! 1970's lightweight pseudo-science-fictional fare, this movie was the pilot for a very brief action series. Modern-day US Navy scientists discover the legendary Nemo (an apparently underemployed Jose Ferrer) in suspended animation aboard his Nautilus at the bottom of the ocean. He is revived in time to champion the surface world in a vengeful war waged by the King of Atlantis (an apparently shameless Horst Bucholz). The 1930's-style kiddie matinee plot was further hampered by bad science (diving to great depths without pressurization, laser gun battles underwater) and lack of needed period detail (The Nautilus' interior looked like something from Star Trek, full of whirring computers and flashing colored lights, not at all like a Victorian era creation).

Fun for the kids, but adults must check their intellects at the door. This is the THIRD REVISED SHOOTING FINAL from September 1977, from Warner Bros. Television for CBS. It's for Episode No. A, 60 pages.

Great collectible on this series you don't find every day. Great for the SCI-FI or Irwin Allen Lover!

Value: $200.

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