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Updated: January 24, 2022

Irwin Allen Cave-In 1979 TV Script Ray Milland disaster was used during the production of this made for TV movie and was not available to the general public. The Script measures 8 1/2 x 11" and is complete at 105 pages thick.

In "Cave-In!" (1983) (TV) after the enormous success of his 2 blockbuster disaster films "Poseidon Adventure" and "Towering Inferno," Irwin Allen had switched studios from 20th Century Fox to Warner Bros., and the TV-movies and theatrical movies he produced with his new home did not match the scope of those two, and you could say they are filled with his repetitive cliches, but are still good, solid, suspenseful disaster movies, and Cave-In! is no exception. Filmed in 1979 but not broadcast until 1983, this lesser-known Irwin Allen disaster movie delivers the goods. However, the flashbacks kind of drag it through the mud a little and you lose the momentum, and that's why it gets an "8" rating. But if you could tolerate the flashbacks, you got a good, suspenseful disaster movie. A handful of tourists visiting a cave experiences a cave-in and are trapped, and have to trudge through obstacles to make it to safety. And if that wasn't bad enough, they have to deal with an escaped criminal traveling with them. It's a shame that Warner Bros. didn't release this movie commercially. So, if you're a fan of disaster movies, and Irwin Allen in particular, don't miss this one!!

Cast: Lonny Chapman .... Walt Charles Dennis Cole .... Ranger Gene Pearson Sheila Larken .... Ann Soames Ray Milland .... Professor Harrison Soames Leslie Nielsen .... Joseph 'Joe' Johnson James Olson .... Tom Arlen Julie Sommars .... Liz Johnson Susan Sullivan ... Kate Lassiter.

Value: $200.

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