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Updated: July 11, 2023

Shown here are a series of different original control panel props, that were used on many of Irwin Allen's television shows. Such as Lost in Space, Land of the Giants, Time Tunnel, Voyage to the bottom of the Sea, and City Beneath the Sea! As of this posting, it is unknown where many of these control panels were used for? They were re-modified throughout Irwin's productions from 1964-1970's. These props as with many other props of this time period were left in storage for nearly 15 years. They were discovered by several fans visiting the Fox lot in a warehouse, which later were purchased.

These props were auctioned off on eBay on August 12, 2004 by website.

( * ) Update: On February 3, 2005 current prop owner, Jim London sent us updated photos on his original control panel. After listing it on eBay, he decided to keep the prop in his collection. Jim was also kind to send some way cool photos of his two modified Remco Robots with additional lighting within the chest panel area. Thanks for sharing Jim, and glad you decided to keep the control panel!

Value: $1,000. ( Each )

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