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Updated: August 11, 2022

Mike Evans and Phil Lublin at Lunar Models have dedicated their lifes to the hobby of model building. Both are big fans of Irwin Allen's classic TV shows from the 1960's. The first couple of photos here are resin kits of the Chariot and Space Pod from "Lost in Space" TV series. These two kits are being retooled this year, and will be a large 24" kit to go with the Jupiter-2 24" kit.

Lunar Models is now out of business, sad but true! Company could not compete with Moebius! Lunar was the first and the last of there kind. They made the kits we all dreamed of. There kits will be well remembered and very collectible for model builders in the years ahead. Thanks, Phil, Randy, Jim, Mike, and others for making model building a great hobby!!

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