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Updated: August 14, 2021

Wow! Heck Yes! I would love to have my Spindrift on your website!

The kit was a vacuform model from Lunar Models.

The 1/35 scale Spindrift kit is about 16 inches long and came only with 13 parts total: 3 vacuformed parts the bottom, top, the top of the engine / restrooms area, a resin fin, cockpit window frame work, rear and foward engine vents ( which I did not use ) entena and a clear astro dome. The rest of the interior was built by me watching many Land of the Giant's on tape. ( My two young Girls loved it! )

The interior kit ( which is sold seperatly ) was the older version and very rough so I scratch built about 95% of the interior. The engine cooling / intake grills and engine rear ports were made from aluminum stereo cooling grid that I drilled out just a tad more to fit the kit and l left it unpainted .... The Spindrift on the set had steel or aluminum intake grills ... but it seems that the smaller scale studio models grills were painted black. I built my Spindrift as the full size 'set' version.

If Polar Lights would have re-released the old Aurora Spindrift kit any sooner I would have done all the same work to that model kit as well .... I could never bring myself to pay up to $300.00 for that older Aurora kit on eBay, now I'm very glad I did not!

Troy Enlow - Seattle WA

Hi, Troy!

I just stumbled onto your "LOTG Spindrift" model while surfing modeling sites and was very impressed, indeed! My name is Peter Chelemedos, from Santa Cruz, CA. I am the person who originally pencilled the Lunar Models "Spindrift Interior Kit" instructions for Mike Evans waaaaaay back in 1991! The reason I took that assignment was because the original drawings by Jim Kreegar were barely legible pencilling and I arraigned with Mike Evans to do the " cleaned up " drawings, which were then sold with the kit. Needless to say, during that project I became too familiar with dear old " Spindrift ". I also had the privilege of picking Gary Conway's memory while working on that project. My drawings were somewhat crude ( I hadn't gone on to ACAD yet ), and I suspect that they've since been re-drawn ( at least I hope they have! ).

Now for my reason for this e-mail; I like your Spindrift better than I do Jim Key's prototype! Excellent work!

My best regards,

Peter Chelemedos

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