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Updated: July 21, 2021

These rare Phoenix candy's were sold back in 1968. They were sold on eBay on 10/2/00. There were six (6) of these on eBay and me and another collector went crazy over these. The other bidder was looking for these for several years, and I made a deal with him, that if I pass on the items he would send me photo's. After the auction ended, he paid $1,277.00 for the six (6) mint boxes. That's an average of $212.00 per box. With no candy included with the items.

The candy also included little "Cracker Jack" prizes within the boxes. There were a series of different boxes with two sided artwork on each box. I know a collector that owns the original store box that displayed these candies. He is asking $2,000 for the box, and I have not seen another one in 8 years of collecting. A very rare fine and well worth the investment.

Value: $300. Per Box

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