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Updated: July 21, 2021

Land of Giants 1968 Candy/Toy Display Card Kent Productions / 20th Century Fox Film / ABC 10" x 11.5" Very well worn display card with lots of heavy creases throughtout the card, 2" section torn off at left side, 1" tear at lower crease, still has very nice color.

This display box was used to promote the "Phoenix" mini candy. The front does read 'candy & 2 prizes', still not sure of what kind of candy & what kind of prizes, were offered here? If I recallas a kid, there were varys of different mini plastic toys (like Cracker Jacks) and hard rock candy or gum?

(*) About 8 years ago a fellow fan/collector sent me an e-mail offering me one of these display boxes in excellent condition. It was the first I've ever seen of these. Sadly, I passed on it, seeing he wanted $3,000. for it. At it's present condition, it was probably worth it, if not more. Hard to give a value, seeing one has never been seen before, or for that matter, hitting the eBay auction block for a happy collector to bid on.

Land of Giants was a hour long Sci-Fi TV show that aired on ABC from 1968-1970. This show had similarities to 'Lost In Space', but the characters where on Earth and everything around was 10 x bigger!!

Very cool early TV collectible item!

Value: $100. (Poor Condition)

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