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Updated: May 20, 2021

You may not know this gentleman's name? You may not know him by his photo? But I bet you've seen his computer graphic images on the internet?

Mark Schweter has donated much of his free (if any) time helping the host of many websites with his computer graphic images or gif's. I met Mark about 3 years ago through an e-mail on regards to my original Time Tunnel badges. Thanks to that e-mail we have become great friends. Because of that e-mail and this website, I was able to asist Mark in helping him with his Time Tunnel diorama. (Which he is still working on today) Mark has contributed countless hours helping me with problem photo files, re-doing photos for posting, and creating artwork, gif's, banners, etc. for this website.

I nick-named Mark the "Walt Disney" of the computer. He can make anything into a miracle with his know how of computer magic. Without Mark much of this website would not be possible. I cannot thank Mark enough for all he has done for me over the past several years. You are a true friend, fan, and supporter of many people Mark. Thank-you for sharing your kindness, and your talents with all of us. (A small sample on what Mark has done is posted here)

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