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Updated: May 16, 2021

I meet Jonathan several months ago on some e-mails regarding the Time Tunnel TV series. Jonathan's love and interest on this classic series is over whelming to me. When I purchased several original Time Tunnel blue prints, I was asked to send copies to Jonathan, which I was more than pleased. Several months later additional Time Tunnel blue prints came available. Seeing funds were tight for me, Jonathan was kind enough to purchase the original prints, and will re-sell them to me at no extra fee. This was a very kind gesture on Jonathan's part, and I will never forget his generosity in helping me obtain these rare drawings for my collection. Jonathan is 40 years old, and lives in the United Kingdom. He has loved all of Irwin Allen's shows since he was a kid at heart. His favorite of coarse is the Time Tunnel. He has meet costume art director/assistant to Irwin Allen, Paul Zastupnevich. Jonathan has also had the pleasure of doing an interview with Robert Colbert & Lee Meriwether. He is an ex freelance writer/film reviewer. He is currently works in IT at the BBC in his area. Jonathan's plans for the future is to write a book on the Time Tunnel TV series.

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