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Updated: May 16, 2021

My name is John Boccia and I was born and raised in Queens NY. I am 36 years old, married (Maria) with 2 children Nicole (5) and Matthew (3). I Graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1988 and have since lived in CA, FL,PA and currently in Charlotte NC.

I first started watching Lost in Space in the early seventies when it was running in the afternoon after school. I always wanted to collect things from the show but as you know nothing was being produced at that time for the mass market. When the movie came out and Trendmasters started releasing Classic LIS products I got caught up trying to buy whatever I could get my hands on. I have since sold some things or given them to my children who have seen every episode with me and love the show.

I attended Dragon Con in 2000 and met Bill Mummy and Angela Cartwright. Bill performed a concert and he was amazing. I bought all of his CD's after hearing his music. The next year I was able to see the entire cast on Orlando and that was amazing! I got to the show Friday afternoon and the was hardly anyone there. I spent over 2 hours going from one cast member to the next getting autographs and talking to them about LIS and life in general.

I will never forget that day as I felt like a kid on Christmas morning! I also collect things from Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, The Planet of the Apes, Universal classic monsters, Lord of the Rings and Comic/Super hero statues.

I almost put a deposit for a full size B-9 with Icons just before they went out of business. I did manage to get 2 laser pistols from them. When I heard that Newline had re issued the license to Classics Reborn I immediately started e- mailing David Gelda(owner of classics) and kept in touch as things progressed.

After a year I put a deposit on the Tier One B-9 and thought that I was close to finally getting my Robot. Unfortunately it took 9 more months and many wierd sub plots between Classics Reborn, Mannetron and Newline Cinema before I actually had it delivered on 10/10/02. Bob Nardi who is an Icons back order customer was responsible for me getting my B-9 and not getting stuck as so many people have in the past.

The B-9 is incredible in it's construction. It was delivered personally by Gino from Mannetron in a station wagon. It came in 4 sections and they assembled it for me. The bottom tread section is steel with cast aluminum wheels. The torso and legs are fiber glass with the claws being metal. The Brain section lights up with one of the chest buttons being an on and off switch for the lights. The antenna rotate with another chest button acting as an on and off switch.

The chest buttons light up in sequence just as they did on the show. There is a volume control for the Robot background noise. The chest light up when he speaks and is neon tubing (same as the Original). The volume control also controls the sayings.

He has many classic line programmed into a flash memory card.

Classic lines like: "Danger Will Robinson" "At exactly Launch plus 8 Hours inertial guidance system destroy.....etc." "All personnel report back to the Jupiter-2 Immediately" "Laughing track" Many more....

The power pack works and shuts him down when you pull it out and re-starts him when you put it back in.

The torso swivels the arms can be pulled in and out and the claws have 3 positions.

(John Robot is available for purchase. If your interested please contact John by e-mail at

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