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Updated: April 23, 2021

After seeing a original Robot painting for sale on eBay for, $2,200.00 I contacted the seller on the painting. The artwork was like the "War of the Robots" painting I recently bought from Teddy Young of New York City. I did not realize that the seller was the artist of my painting. Isn't the internet a great place to meet people? Anyway, after several kind e-mails we both hit it off in the same interest of collecting Robots, and Lost in Space.

Artist "Baz" was delighted to share his talented work on our website, and will offer much more in the months to come. He's love for Robots is reflected in his painted canvas work, and I am very proud to own one of his original paintings in my collection. Baz, lives in New York City, and has done cover art for DC and Marvel comic books over the years.

Many thanks, "Baz" for sharing your awesome work on our site!

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