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Updated: December 15, 2007

I am a 50 year old Software Engineer and I work for a high tech company in Massachusetts. When I am not working I am usually doing my hobbies, which consist of reading, swimming, cycling, and fiddling with computer graphics using Java 3D on my PC.

The program that I wrote actually creates a 3D view of the Jupiter-2. I can walk around in it by pressing some buttons with my mouse. I cannot make it into a Java Applet and put it on a web site as it uses too much memory. I cannot package it up and make it available for downloading and installing as it is much too slow. But, I can get beautiful screen grabs and send them to you for posting at your web site.

I basically re-wrote the code that I used to send you those pictures 18 months ago. The new ones are much better.

Aaron Hirshberg

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