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Updated: November 27, 2023

An original Muffit II daggit costume with component parts, worn and used in the television series Battlestar Galactica ( Universal Television, 1978-1979 ).

The costume is composed of padded foam, lined on the exterior with synthetic animal fur. Silver-tone painted facial components, back component, and foot components are composed of resin. At the rear of the main body is a Velcro strap that allows the costume to be placed on a chimpanzee for filming purposes. Muffit's tail was designed much like a spring so that it would bounce when the chimpanzee moved. The head, arms, and legs are all removable.

This custom-made outfit was specifically designed so that a chimpanzee could wear the costume for various scenes during production. In scenes that required little movement, the special effects team would rely on an inner armature that would take the place of the chimpanzee and provide shape to the character. An included Futuba Industries 72.080 MHz remote control would operate animatronic features such as mouth and ear movement. Also included is the original battery and charging cord that accompany the remote control.

This hero costume was worn by a chimpanzee named "Evolution," nicknamed "Evie the Chimp," and first appeared during the first episode of the series, titled "Saga of a Star World."

This ensemble is one of two known to have been offered since the time of production, this being the only Muffit II costume to include a remote control and various other component parts. The costume was constructed by John Dykstra and Apogee, Inc. who would provide many of the special effects elements for the series Battlestar Galactica as well as the effects seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture ( Paramount Pictures, 1979 ).

Muffit II the daggit was first introduced when Boxey's ( Noah Hathaway ) first daggit was killed during the Battle of Cimtar, which destroyed much of the colonies. During Boxey's mourning, Doctor Wilker ( John Dullaghan ) created a robotic dog-like creature that would become his new companion. The two would face adventures and challenges together throughout the series.

An original comb included with this lot was used during production to brush the synthetic fur and remove any matted areas. Figure Measures: 26 x 19.75 x 42 inches; Acid-Free Box: 31 x 37 x 49.75 inches.

Value: $25,000.

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