Cast and Major Credits

Prof. John Robinson..........Guy Williams 
Maureen Robinson.............June Lockhart 
Don West.....................Mark Goddard 
Judy Robinson................Marta Kristen 
Will Robinson................Billy Mumy
Penny Robinson...............Angela Cartwright 
Dr. Zachary Smith............Jonathan Harris 
Robot........................Bob May
Robot's Voice................Dick Tufeld
Creator & Produced...........Irwin Allen
Assistant to Producer........Paul Zastupnevich
Art Director.................William Creber, James Martin Smith, 
			     Robert Kinoshita, Carl Macauley
Assoc. Prod..................Jerry Briskin(yr.1)
Assoc. Prod..................William Faralla(2&3) 
Special Photographic Effects.L.B. Abbott, A.S.C.
Story Editor.................Anthony Wilson
Music Supervision............John Williams & Lionel Newman 

The Condemned Of Space: Airdate September 6, 1967 Special Star - Phanzig Marcel Hillaire

Jupiter 2 lifts off only hours before the planet is scheduled to collide with a comet. In space once more, the Robinson's discover a ship full of frozen criminals. Smith releases one, who releases another, and so on, and so on...until a fullscale escape is mounted.

Visit To A Hostile Planet: Airdate September 13, 1967 Special Stars - Cragmire Robert Foulk, Grover Pitt Herbert, Stacey Clair Wilcox, Charlie Norman Leavitt, Craig Robert Pine

The Jupiter 2 is thrust back in time and lands on Earth in the year 1947, 50 years before they left. The ship is mistaken for a UFO, and a small town near where they land prepares to fight off the invading 'Voltones'. Determined to stay on any 'Earth', Smith joins the townspeople, and Will is captured.

Kidnapped In Space: Airdate September 20, 1967 Special Stars - 764 Grant Sullivan, 1220 Carol Williams, Young Smith Joey Russo

Androids, ruled by a giant computer, capture the Jupiter 2 and force the Robot to operate on their failing leader. Meanwhile, Smith tampers with a time-control device and is turned into a little boy. Shockingly, John is killed by a laser beam. It is learned that the androids can control time.

Hunter's Moon: Airdate September 27, 1967 - Special Star Megazor Vincent Beck

John (yes, he lived) kills an attacking monster which turns out to be the quarry of Megazor, a hunter. As punishment, John is made his new quarry in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse.

The Space Primevals: Airdate October 4, 1967 Special Star - Rangah Arthur Batanides

On their way to cap a threatening volcano, Don and Smith are captured by primitives who are governed by a computer, and face two possible deaths: execution by the tribe, or burning under the lava of the volcano.

The Space Destructors: Airdate October 11, 1967 Special Star - Cyborg Tommy Farrell

Smith finds an android-creating device and makes himself a set of conquering soldiers who look exactly like him, and dreams of conquering the galaxy. In trying to stop him, Will falls into the machine, and emerges with Smith's face and a lust for killing.

The Haunted Lighthouse: Airdate October 18, 1967 Special Stars - Silas J. Fogey Woodrow Parfrey, J5 Lou Wagner, Zaybo Kenya Coburn

Before leaving their planet, which is being swept by a space storm, the Robinsons find and take along an alien boy named J-5. They find a lighthouse in space and stop in, where the boy's mental powers and unusual 'pet' are unleashed.

Flight Into The Future: Airdate October 25, 1967 Special Stars - Commander Fletcher Lew Gallo, Sergeant Smith Don Eitner

Will, Smith, and the Robot land the Space Pod on a planet which seemingly defies logic. They find fruit that explodes, invisible birds that cast shadows, a deserted wreck of the Jupiter 2, a monument to the Robot, and people who say they are the descendants of the Robinsons, and that the year is 2270 A.D.

Collision Of The Planets: Airdate November 8, 1967 Special Stars - IIan Dan Travanty, Alien Girl Linda Gayle Scott, Alien #3 Joey Tata

Four space hippies are assigned by their leader to blow up the planet that the Robinsons are living on, without giving them time to make repairs and leave. Their only hope seems to be Smith, who has been transformed into a space-age Samson with green hair by a weird gas.

The Space Creature: Airdate November 15, 1967

Jupiter 2 is locked into orbit around a planet which harbors a creature that feeds on fear. In order to create its life-food, the being causes the Robinsons to disappear from the ship one by one, leaving a psychotic Dr. Smith, who is trying to murder Will.

Deadliest Of The Species: Airdate November 22, 1967 Special Stars - Alien Leader Ronald Gans, Mechanical Man #1 Lyle Waggoner, Mechanical Man #2 Ralph Lee, Female Robot Sue England

The Robot falls in love with a female robot, who is being hunted by law officers of her world for being a killer.

A Day At The Zoo: Airdate November 29, 1967 Special Stars - Farnum Leonard Stone, Oggo Gary Tigerman, Mort Ronald Weber

An intergalactic showman, Farnum B., puts the Robinsons on exhibit in his space zoo. During an escape attempt, Will and his captor fall into another time zone, while Dr. Smith uses Farnum's caveboy-helper to take control of the zoo' operation.

Two Weeks In Space: Airdate December 13, 1967 Special Stars - Zumdish Fritz Feld, MXR Richard Krishner, QZW Eric Matthews, NON Edy Williams, TAT Carroll Roebke

Zumdish, now operating a tour agency (finally quit the Celestrial Department Store), comes to the Robinson's planet with clients. Smith seizes the opportunity to turn the presently-empty Jupiter 2 into a resort hotel, unaware that four of the vacationing aliens are really murderers hiding from the law.

Castles In Space: Airdate December 20, 1967 Special Stars - Chavo Alberto Monte, Reyka Corinna Tsopei

The Robinsons give refuge to a beautiful ice princess who is running from a bounty hunter. When the hunter captures Will, he suggests a trade: the boy for the princess. The Robot takes on the hunter like "el Toro" to save the princess.

The Robot Sings: The tequela song!

Anti-Matter Man: Airdate December 27, 1967

An experiment gone awry transports John to an anti-matter world, and sends his evil double back. Will, Smith, and the Robot attempt to rescue John, who is being guarded by a psychotic, bearded double of Don, and a shackled, evil Robot. The evil John is willing to kill everyone to keep his freedom from the miserable anti-matter world.

Target Earth: Airdate January 3, 1968 Special Stars - Gift Proto James Gosa, Proto Brent Davis

Shapeless aliens imprison the Robinsons and make themselves into their doubles (boy, they sure had a lot of problems with imposters), and then hijack the Jupiter 2, planning to go back and conquer the Earth (again! ) . They reprogram the Robot to help them. Will and Smith escape, capture their doubles, and replace them on the journey, in an attempt to stop them.

Princess Of Space: Airdate January 10, 1968 Special Stars - Captain Kraspa Robert Foulk, Fedor Arte Johnson, Aunt Gamma Sheila Mathews

Confusion surrounds Penny's lineage when she is taken for a space princess, put onto an alien ship, and trained to take over the throne of an another planet.

The Time Merchant: Airdate January 17, 1968 Special Stars - Dr. Chronos John Crawford, General Squires Byron Morrow, Sgt. Roger Hoke Howell

A time merchant, living in a Daliesque world, prepares to kill the Robinsons because they accidentally interrupted his time-trip. Smith, sent back to Earth in 1997, must re-board the Jupiter 2, or watch it be destroyed.

The Promised Planet: Airdate January 24, 1968 Special Stars - Bartholomew Gil Rogers, Edgar Keith Taylor

Told that they are approaching an Earth colony, the Robinsons land on a planet whose culture is totally geared for teenagers. Soon, subtle brainwashing causes the older Robinsons and the children to disassociate themselves from each other. Smith becomes a hippie.

Fugitives In Space: Airdate January 31, 1968 Special Stars - Creech Michael Conrad, Warden Toy Avery, Guard #1 Charles Horvath

Don and Smith are framed as criminals and sent to the toughest prison in the galaxy. While Will and the Robot try to figure a way to get them out, Don and Smith argue over whether or not to go along with a criminal's escape plan.

Space Beauty: Airdate February 14, 1968 Special Stars - Farnum Leonard Stone, Nancy Pi Squared Dee Hartford, Miss Teutonium Miriam Schiller

Farnum B. is back, and now in the beauty contest business. He tries to sign Judy up as a contestant. Unknown to the Robinsons, if Farnum can't get her to sign, his master, a man of fire, will keep his soul.

The Flaming Planet: Airdate February 21, 1968 Special Star - Sobram Abraham Sofaer

To alleviate a crisis, Jupiter 2 must orbit a planet for several hours. However, the alien living there, the last of a proud warrior race, will not permit it unless someone stays behind to wage him one last war, using the planet's extensive weaponry.

The Great Vegetable Rebellion: Airdate February 28, 1968 Special Stars - Tybo Stanley Adams, Willoughby James Millhollin

On another planet, Dr. Smith plucks a flower, arousing accusations of murder from a giant, talking carrot, who plans to punish the Robinsons by turning them into plants. [EGADS!]

Junkyard Of Space: Airdate March 6, 1968 Special Star - Junkman Marcel Hillaire

Jupiter 2 lands on a planet used as the galaxy's junkyard. With the ship's food supply deteriorating, as a direct result of the junkman, Smith sacrifices first the Robot's memory banks to the mechanical junkman, then the Jupiter 2 itself.

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