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Updated: August 24, 2023

Wil Wheaton became the first teenager to be cast in a permanent role on Star Trek when, as a 16-year-old, he got the part of Wesley Crusher. Already a big Star Trek fan when he auditioned for Wesley, Wil was thrilled when his agent called to tell him the news.

About his character, Wil commented, "Wesley is smart. He's not your typical wisecracking 16-year-old. He inherited the genius of his mother ( Dr. Beverly Crusher ) and his father, who was a Starfleet commander." Wil says that the best thing about his character is that "Wesley" is not treated like a child. "At first I thought, Ok, but I hope it isn't, a kid getting in trouble? But it's not like that at all. 'Wesley' is almost an equal with the rest of the crew. He knows the Enterprise inside and out, backwards and forwards. The ship's operations manual is like his bible, and his big goal is to get on the bridge and control the ship."

Wheaton had already been in the acting business for some time when he was cast for the new Star Trek. At age seven he began doing commercials and his list of credits has grown steadily since then. He is probably best known for his role in the Rob Reiner movie "Stand By Me." Shot on location in Oregon, Wil has fond memories of the filming: "That film was great fun because it was four kids and Rob Reiner. It was not only fun, it was an incredible learning experience."

His other features include "The Buddy System," "The Secret of NIMH," "Flubber" and "Foreign Correspondents." Wheaton has also appeared in numerous television movies, such as "The Day Lincoln Was Shot," "Young Harry Houdini," "A Long Way Home," and "The Defiant Ones." He's also made guest appearances on popular TV shows such as Family Ties, St. Elsewhere, The Outer Limits, Diagnosis Murder and Highway to Heaven.

Currently, Wil is married and living Los Angeles. He divides his time among several projects.

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