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Updated: February 01, 2018

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ran for four seasons (1964-68) on the ABC television network when much of the entertainment for the day was sci-fi and fantasy/adventure. For its time, a four-year run was considered quite a success for a television show. During the 60's, television not only entertained, but it also transported the viewer's imagination into another world. Hence, this is why the Twilight Zone, Star Trek and even Batman were so popular.

Created by Irwin Allen, Voyage was the longest running of the four classic Sci-Fi shows that he produced. ABC had the privilege of airing three of the four; Voyage, The Time Tunnel and Land of the Giants, while CBS aired Lost in Space.

The 1960's also saw a dramatic change in television viewing. It was the time when the television industry pulled out all stops and brought color TV to the airwaves almost overnight. For the first time, fans of a show could finally see what the actors and sets looked like in color. Talk about an eye-opener!

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