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Updated: July 14, 2023

I received this e-mail and photos from fan Rick Teskey on February 7, 2005.

I just Love Irwin Allen stuff best and have built a few of my own Seaviews and Flying Subs. The wood / fiberglass model you have on the website I can say with 99.9 % certenty was not from the 20th Century Fox model shop. The shape is wrong and Seaview filming miniatures were not r/c. I can appreciate the work some have done on this model too interpit the famous ship but this is a fan built hull. Here are a few pix of my 52 inch Seaview and 24 inch Flying Sub which I made from my molds in fiberglass so I can make copies. I am retooling the Seaview hull so I can attach either bow 4 window ( TV version ) or the 8 window Movie ( original ).


Rick Teskey

( * ) Update: Received additional photos from Rick on February 17, 2004. Photos 10-14 are also fan-made Seaview replica's by Rick's friend, Dan Kachur of British Columbia Canada.

"Many thanks Rick, for sharing your great Voyage models with us!"

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