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Updated: September 01, 2023

I received this e-mail on February 15, 2005

I have absolutely no information on this object ( 5 foot "Seaview," your item #21? ) as it is not a Fox prop and is quite obviously not a Seaview but a somewhat sad attempt at a Seaview.

I say this with some serious authority. I have restored in the past numerous original "Voyage" props and master patterns. You even have a image in your photo collection taken by me of one four foot Seaview ( the one with the blue "plush" velour curtain background ) that I made from the molds I that made from the original wood and plaster master pattern that I restored. It was seen in the feature film behind Walter Pigeon in his office. I am not at liberty to say just how many pieces I've done, but it is a lot of original stuff!

I am attaching a photo of a current piece I am finishing as well as a close-up of the nose of the four footer I did from the pattern.. all of my clients are in the film industry ( as am I on some productions ) so I know from which I speak.


Paul Lubliner

( * ) Special thanks to, Paul Lubliner for this current update on this item!

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