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Updated: July 14, 2023

I miss winning this item by 3 minutes and $10. short! This is a replica casting of the miniature of the SSRN Seaview, beloved Navy submarine from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. This is the bow section built by well known prop builder "L.B. Abbott" special effects crew in the early 1960's. Vary's of different sizes were made for both the 1961 Movie, and the 1964 TV series. Ranging from 2 foot to a large 17 foot version for ocean surface scenes. This is a 8 foot model used mostly for the underwater "beauty shots" especially involving any enormous "sea monsters". Dimensions are 23" in length to 28" wide, 8.25" high, with 8" diameter hole in rear.

The piece is molded from a sturdy fiberglass & features plexiglass in the main viewport windows. This includes the updated Flying Sub version under the bow used in 1965. This replica was recasted by a professional model maker in the early 1980's & only a couple of casting were made before the original Seaview was returned to the studio's in Hollywood.

The new owner of this prop is Ricardo Armanda of Mexico. I contacted Ricardo on this item to see what his future plans were on this item. Richardo told me that we was planning on doing some computer graphic art with this piece. Ricardo also stated to me that he knew me by the means of eBay, and has seen our website. He promise me that he would send photos my way for the site when his project is completed. On 08/17/02 Ricardo was kind enough to send me additional photos on this prop. Ricardo just received this item from the previous owner. He told me that a lot of work was needed to restore this item back to it's old glory. The item is in good hands with Ricardo as it's new owner.

Also, shown here is a rare fan photo of the original Seaview prop used on the show. Photo courtesy of Mike Suzor!

Value: $1,000.

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