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Updated: July 14, 2023

"Vulcan" submarine filming miniature from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea episode "Lost Bomb", also used in City Beneath the Sea. ( ABC-TV, 1964-68 ) Large-scale filming miniature painted black and silver, measuring approx. 52 in.long. The sub is wired to lluminate with two forward-facing running lights, and is intricately detailed with venturi inlets along each side for submersing. In this third-season episode ( originally aired December 11, 1966 ), this "Vulcan" submarine pursues the Seaview, which then launches two torpedoes in defense.

This sub was later modified, having its conning tower moved slightly forward for use in the Irwin Allen TV movie City Beneath the Sea. A wonderful large-scale filming miniature from these two classic Irwin Allen productions, in excellent condition.

Value: $6,000.

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