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Updated: September 01, 2023

Original Two miniature torpedoes from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. ( ABC-TV, 1964-68 ) Pair of highly-detailed, hand-machined torpedo miniatures used in the underwater special effects sequences. Both feature complex internal mechanisms designed to be powered by compressed air, which would spin the torpedo propellers and create a bubble effect. Measures 10 1/2 in. long and 22 in. long, resp. It is also probable that these two torpedoes were used by Fox in other 1960's war films. Propellers on each torpedo are bent, though the original paint and overall structure remains intact.

Also featured here are some images of one of the miniature torpedo that I got from the last PIH Hollywood Auction. This is the small one. It was design to be propel with compressed air. The air was loaded inside using a Schrader valve ( tire valve ) that still works after almost 40 years. It has a drain port closed by a screw and a washer. I don't know why but there is mud and water inside! I think that the former owner did some test a long time ago. The propellers are bended. They where design move free once the air was vented and the torpedo starts moving. The body is made of bronze and unpainted except for the tail and propeller. The nose cone is painted silver with a small separation line painted black.

Next week I will start the restoration by cleaning it inside and out and carefully disassembling it. I really don't recall any torpedo from VTTBOTS with this color scheme. It is possible that it was unpainted and repainted for different movies. The bigger torpedo will be cleaned and restored in the future. I don't think that this big one ever appear in Voyage but I can be wrong.

Value: $800.

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