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Updated: August 26, 2023

Very Cool! Authentic and Original Operating Sub Speaker from the Seaview Sub in Irwin Allen's hit Movie and TV Series, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ( 1964-1968 ). Material came directly from Si Simonson, Old-Time Efx Man on the show. Big speaker is 12 inches wide. It is wired from behind. I am not sure exactly how speakers work - but this does appear to be wired to activate. Overall condition is fine - which is not bad for this piece considering it still exists! Shows Walter Pigeon slapping Frankie Avalon. The loudspeaker can clearly be seen above their heads on the wall.

This is a moment from the movie - but the same sets were utilized in the subsequent TV show. Quite a nice example of the old school special efx technology. It appears, if you have the interest, that with a bit of tweaking and repair, that this could become a truly marvelous - and working - display piece. This is a rare item - How much of the Seaview can still be in existence?

This is an original and authentic item from the special effects man on the series. Comes with COA from The Museum of Mom and Pop Culture.

Value: $500.

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