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Updated: August 26, 2023

"Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" Seaview Submarine Miniature parts, Shadowbox Display Brass Hatch Door & Port from Coning Tower of 17 ft. Seaview restoration ( in 1995 ) Accompanied by a hand-signed COA / LOA from The Museum of Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Here's a very unique and quite interesting display piece. It consists of a 9" high by 11" wide shadowbox wall display that features 2 original miniature components from the legendary 17 ft. "Beauty miniature" seen in the both the feature film and television version of the classic TV series "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea".

In 1995, the giant Seaview miniature was extensively restored. The Planet Hollywood restaurant corporation paid for the preservation of the Seaview prior to it being displayed in it's flagship Beverly Hills location. It was loaned to Planet Hollywood by the proposed "Museum of Science Fiction and Fantasy." Which had exhibited the Seaview in Southern California in 1994-1995.

Prior to the Museums acquisition of the Seaview, it had sat in dilapidated condition for well over 14 years in a Family garage. Interestingly the Back Tail fins had internal dry-rot ( similar to what older boats endure ) from it's extensive use underwater in 20th Century Fox Studio Water Tanks during filming. With out extensive & proper restoration the legendary filming miniature would have literally collapsed under it's own weight. Beneath it's tough fiberglass exterior hull, the piece was literally disintegrating into moist, crumbling wood-fibers.

The Seaview had not received the TLC it needed for well over 3 decades. In only a few areas, some parts were so badly damaged, that they were carefully molded, and re-cast for long-term exhibit purposes. Such was the case with the small hatch-door miniature and port hatch components from the Coning Tower area of the Sub.

Comes with a hand signed COA / LOA from the Museum of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Which also owned, curated, preserved and exhibited the "Spindrift" miniature from "Land of the Giants" and the 4 ft. "Jupiter-2" Beauty miniature from "Lost in Space."

Value: $500.

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