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Updated: August 25, 2023

This is a very unusual Voyage to the Bottom of The Sea Seaview that has been in storage for over 17 years. I wish I knew the history of the piece as it was bought many years ago from Bruce Zalkin ( former owner of the Orlando FX collectibles show ) and he had it in his shop in Tampa for sometime.

What I can tell you is that it was very well made of wood overlaid with fiberglass, and was designed to float ( as it was made as light weight as possible ) and originally was radio-controlled as the propeller and rudder are still present, as well as the mounts for the engines, plus there is a small hole ( see photos ) in the side of the ship where an on / off switch was installed. In addition it has a light in the front that I must assume worked, as well as an unusual pair of metal contacts at the bottom ( maybe for a charging stand )?

What I can also tell you is that it is an awesome model that makes an impressive display and conversation piece and measures over 57 inches in length, and comes with a display stand. There are those that beleive that this might have been some kind of shooting miniature for the movie or TV show, but I cannot substantiate that in any way, as I would have no idea of where to begin to research that?

Also, it is in pretty good shape, but not mint as it was used for "something" and has some minor surface abrasions to the paint, as well as a couple of small dings here and there ( not really noticeable unless you look real hard ) and one rear fin has developed a hairline crack that is easily repairable but I do not want to touch it as I feel repairs can take away from it's original value if not done right.

Value: $5,000.

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