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Updated: September 03, 2023

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Movie ( 1961 )

Foreign Language, Adventure, Science Fiction

Twentieth Century Fox - 109 min.

( Cast )

Frankie Avalon Barbara Eden Joan Fontaine Peter Lorre Walter Pidgeon Regis Toomey

Written, produced, and directed by Irwin Allen, the father of the 70's disaster spectacle, this is a colorful, entertaining underwater science-fiction tale. Pidgeon plays an admiral who has invented a nuclear submarine that allows him to evade the naval forces of the world's superpowers while he pursues his mission to counteract the effects of the Van Allen radiation belt with nuclear missles.

Other challenges include a giant squid and the devious plotting of psychologist Fontaine. The basis for the long-running TV series.

Director - Irwin Allen Producer - Irwin Allen Director of Photography - Winton C. Hoch Editor - George Boemler Composer - PaulSawtell - Bert Shefter Screenwriters - Irwin Allen - Charles Bennett Art Directors - Herman A Blumenthal - Jack Martin Smith

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