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Updated: November 24, 2019

I have found some photos of another Seaview kit/Submarine. Unfortunately I have had this so long that I cannot remember any details about this version except that I paid a lot of cash for it. Possibly around $1000-$1500. I thought it was a bit high but I had never seen any kit like this before or since.

I remember starting to build the kit but the women and wine were too much of a distraction for me to carry on building the kit. The other thing is I'm not even sure whether all the parts were there? Atleast you can enjoy the photos.

(*) This Japanese kit/toy was produced in the mid 1960's by the Kogure Company. They did a series of different Seaviews, this is the SF series. This was a very complex toy and model. Moulded in blue and red, with color decals. The toy can move in the water with batterys under the base of the Submarine with rotating propeller in the back and firing torpedos/missles at the nose of the Seaview. Very cool item and another first for our website and for collectors to enjoy!


Salim (UK)

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