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Updated: March 21, 2024

A 3 foot ( 36" ) Seaview VTTBOTS model with custom hand painted "Ocean" base, hand-carved of Mahogany. The pictures do not do this model justice, it is a absolute work of art!

In the fall 1964, television audiences were introduced to Voyage to the bottom of the sea, the story of the submarine Seaview and her crew. The adventures continued for four years. Until recently Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was the longest running science fiction show on network television. The Seaview took on a wide variety of missions and consequently carried many passengers: spies, politicians, world leaders, military men, castaways, aliens and monsters, and especially scientists, mad and otherwise. The flying sub is the Seaview s most fantastic piece of equipment, able to fly through air as well as propel itself through the depths of the sea. The Flying sub berths in the belly of the Seaview and is always on call to perform any mission to challenge the unknown.

Absolutely top-quality executive desktop model, hand-carved of Philippine Mahogany. Every part is hand-assembled precisely into place by first-rate craftsmen. ( This is not the cheap plastic, polymer or resin mass produced molded models that you may have seen sold elsewhere. ) After shaping and sanding, each model goes through several stages of priming and preparation before it is Hand-Painted. There are no decals! This model was made to last a Lifetime.

Diorama created by John Burmeister from You can contact John at the following link:

Value: $400.

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