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Updated: July 02, 2010

Issued by the "Union" Company and the Japanese in 1987-1991 and was very limited. A 12" Seaview with base, molded in blue plastic. (also made in bone-white) Also included is a 2" Flying Sub. "I love the artwork by the Japanese, they really knew how to market their items!"

Scale: Unk
Material: Styrene
Instructions: Japanese
Kit Maker: Union
Kit Date: 1987

A very scare Union's long discontinued kit of the SSRN Seaview from the TV Series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. This kit was one of the rare kits available before Polar Lights reissued the Aurora model. The main feature of this kit was the detachable FS-1 or Flying Sub. A small Flying Sub fits into the hangar recess of the bow and you can "launch" it.

The kit also included a smaller scale bonus version of the Seaview which was rubber band powered for water play. The kit has aged and the rubber band has since given up the ghost (What do you expect for a 17 year old classic!). As you can see all the parts are here, though a couple are off the trees. Decal stickers too! This is a rare find and a wonderful addition to any kit collection. Great for VTTBOTS collectors and obscure kit collectors!

Value: $300-Up.

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