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Updated: March 08, 2009

A brand new factory sealed Iconic Replicas Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Seaview Prop Replica. Words from the Workbench:

As huge fans of the Irwin Allen show Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea our first thought was 'Fantastic' we get to build a model of the Seaview! this thought was followed very quickly by - 'Uh Oh - which one?!'

It's a common problem when replicating a model from any TV show as there were never any two miniatures that were the same. As is the case with Seaview, there were several different scale models produced - each one having unique differences which all fans are familiar with and each fan has his or her own favorite.

The joy of being responsible for producing this Prop Replica is that we got to decide which version to make! - There was still in-house 'fighting' among our model makers - do we have the window frame detail, do we not - do we include the fine ridge down the front of the hull or not, do we have two rows of windows or just the one - Just joking! - We all wanted just the one row!

What we finally decide upon was to include all the elements that encapsulated the 'sprit' of the Seaview. To include all aspects that immediately transported us back to being kids glued to the TV screen, watching as this majestic craft ploughed its way through the oceans!

And after a lot of hard work I think we have achieved that. We should also mention at this point the artwork being produced for the packaging - Graham Humphreys is one of the UK's leading film promotion artists (In fact one of the few remaining as most film posters today are simply photo-shopped compilations) This is the guy responsible for the poster for the likes of EVIL DEAD and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET - some of the most iconic poster imagery of recent decades - wait till you see the 'scene' he is paining of the Seaview! - for examples of other work of Grahams take a look at our sister site, Product Enterprise as well as the recent exhibition we held of some of his work.

Item Specifications:

Officially Licensed and authenticated by Irwin Allen Productions and Twentieth Century Fox.

Seaview model approximately 24 inches long. Complete with Seabed Dynorama, clear acrylic display case and etched brass plaque featuring unique edition number.

Authentic replica of miniature used in the show. Featuring illuminated interior bridge detail and exterior lights. In-scale replica Flying Sub which can be located in Seaview hanger. Opening hanger doors. Original model created by artist ManKing Ng.

This item is a limited edition size of only 800 pieces produced worldwide.

Value: $650.

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