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Updated: July 25, 2015

Voyage to the Bottom of the sea Seaview Submarine. As you know, the original Seaview had missile bays in it. These were removed and a place for the mini-sub was added. This is a large mini-sub, all scratch-built. I thought it would be great to make a Seaview that was pure research only. On the side are decals, which refer to this as Seaview II, N I M R Sea Lab. This refers to the Nelson Institute of Marine Research. There are markings underneath for the flying sub bay and mini-sub. Also, as you can see, it's painted yellow instead of the standard gray.

This kit by Doyusha was heavily modified from the existing kit. Basically, this was a toy-like model. While going over it there were details removed, and added, especially where the stern is. Gaps to be closed, parts added.

Features: mini-sub scratch-built; includes PE parts, ladder, collection tray, and others.

Submarine comes on a wooden base, and brass supports. This kit has always received a lot of attention when shown to others; it really is very unique.

Value: $200.

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