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Updated: March 19, 2024

This is the Moebius 1/128th scale, 8 Window, Seaview submarine from Irwin Allen's 1961 movie "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea". This Submarine can also be seen in season one of the 1964 TV series "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea". Professionally constructed and finished, this stunning model shows absolutely meticulous craftsmanship and attention to every detail. Built as a "museum quality" piece to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of "Voyage", this seamless and beautifully detailed model took over 2 months to complete. The Seaview is finished in Intermediate Blue on the upper hull, and Camouflage Gray enamel on the underside. The forward observation room has been detailed with Paragrafix brand decals as well as both lacquer and enamel paints. A total of 10 - 9 Volt, 100K hour rated LEDs were used to supply all the sub's lighting effects. This model can be displayed with or without the Polaris Missile being fired. You can turn off the LED that lights the missile plume with the micro switch inside the diving bell bay area. Then you simply place the missile hatch cover over the opening. The scratch built diving bell bay features detailed girders on the inside, and contains 2 UV purple LEDs which illuminate the fluorescent paint which has been applied to the searchlights and viewport windows on the diving bell, in order to make it appear that it's lights are "on" as it descends from the sub.

The bay doors are designed to be be left open or can be easily removed as they are held in position by magnetic strips. This also makes for easy access to the missile "on/off" switch, which is hidden on the forward bulkhead panel. The Seaview rests on a beautifully designed custom display base, featuring a laser etched nameplate which reads "The N. I. M. R. / S.S.R.N. Seaview". This display base was designed to allow the sub to be displayed pointing to the left or to the right. This listing consists of the following items: One museum quality 8 window Seaview submarine model with complete LED lighting effects, a custom designed gloss black acrylic and metallic vinyl display base, featuring two clear acrylic supports and a convenient "on / off" switch, the NIMR Seaview placard, a 9 volt 1 amp DC converter, the power feed "umbilical" connection ( with diving bell ) that plugs into the custom built bay and the Mini Sub ( neither of which were included in this kit ). My goal in constructing this model was to make it an absolutely beautiful Museum / Investor grade model, and pay tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the TV series that brought us "the most incredible ship that ever sailed the seven seas!"

Value: $1,500.

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