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Updated: December 12, 2012

This was built-up and extensively modified from The Monsters in Motion resin kit. The model measures 2-feet long and has all of the details found on the 2nd through 4th season 8-foot filming miniature.

It also features the green/ gray shading that was found on the original models and very subtle salt staining to give a sense of scale (it is so subtle, so it doesn't show up well in these photos.)

The underside is painted the correct off-white color and the correct, darker-gray stripes have also been applied along the limber hole areas as seen on the original 8-foot and 17-foot filming miniatures.

The original kit was super-detailed and numerous access-ways were drilled through the solid resin hull to run the required wiring and fiber optics throughout the ship.

There are 8 mini bulbs and 4 LEDs. Fiber optic cable was used in areas where it was impractical to install bulbs. There is a partial interior in the observation nose with three teeny bulbs and fiber optics detailing and illuminating the interior.

There is even a lit table lamp on the desk and a world map on the wall!!!

The Conning tower diving planes are movable. The FS bay hatch is also removable to access the wiring, on/off switch and batteries.

An in-scale Flying sub model is also included. The model ships with a custom-made walnut base with brass stanchions. The model is removable from the base and keys in with a brass rod into the hull for stability.

Value: $400.

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