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Updated: April 03, 2013

Here is a one of a kind custom display for your "Voyage" collection. It features the 1/128th scale Moebius "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea" Flying Sub, Mini-Sub and "Apple 1" Diving Bell models. All 3 models use 6v grain of wheat bulbs, which provide interior lighting. The Flying Sub uses 2 warm white bulbs, the Mini-Sub uses a yellow bulb and the Diving Bell uses a green bulb. All three models are nicely built and beautifully detailed, plus the Diving Bell has 3 clear windows.

The inch thick clear acrylic base with the custom radar screen print measures 10.125 inches in diameter and features a second tier that is 3.375 inches in diameter for the Flying sub to set on. None of the models are glued down, so you can position them as you like. The wiring harness is attached to the Mini-Sub and Diving Bell, but the wiring plugs into the Flying Sub, so it can be detached easily, plus it has an "On/Off" switch.

Value: $200.

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