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Updated: March 16, 2013

Presenting a really cool and functional, custom display stand for your Moebius "Flying Sub" model from "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea". The base is a full 12 inches in diameter and is made of gloss black and clear acrylic, all accentuated by the circular metallic nickel finished radar screen, with the scanner arm sweeping across its face. The upright pieces that support the model are made of .25" thick clear acrylic and have been designed to angle the Flying Sub up slightly just like the factory stand. So, why replace the original? The original stand as you know is a bit retro, rather unsteady, and it is difficult to attach and remove your model from it without damaging something. Not this stand! It has a more futuristic design in keeping with the character of the model. Furthermore, if you've added interior lighting to your model, you have an imbalanced model perched on a stand that's already shaky at best.

This stand will solve all these problems! It's rock solid design will support your model regardless of the weight distribution. A tab fits into the slot on the bottom of the model, acting as a guide for positioning it on the stand. There are five strategically located clear rubber bumpers (the actual contact points), which both support and balance your model perfectly. This allows you to remove your model whenever you like without risking damage to it or the stand. It would really take a hard hit to knock your model off this one! Whether you are using this on a previous build, or one that you are getting ready to start, this stand is for you. The photographs don't do this piece justice! Also included is the 4" x 6" "N.I.M.R. Flying Sub" placard showing all the technical information about this amazing vehicle.

Value: $100.

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