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Updated: August 11, 2022

A Monogram model replica of the FS-1, newly built during the past 20 days. Note: The top hatch, front window panes, and hull strips are in fact blue, although they appear black in some photos. The model is not the original plain-old yellow color. Acrylic paints were used, and the model's color is sealed in a lacquer top coat.

Detailed lighting effects featuring:

Reactor panel lighting with plasma effect (not circular effect like Star Trek warp engines) Right and left side control panels have fiber filament lights timed in 1 and 3 second on / off effect. Smaller rear control panel on left of cockpit engine door hatch is fiber-lit. Right thruster engine fueling-effect; red fiber lighting feeding into reactor tube.

The model and base is powered by a 12 volt wall adaptor, and an easy male / female adapter is attached from the model to the base. Power is push-button activated.

Value: $450.

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