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Updated: May 23, 2020

I had a real hard time trying to get good photos of this scares item! This is a mini Seaview plastic 3" toy issued by France in the mid 1970's. The company that made this item is "Galaxia" and the sub even comes with a tiny torpedo. I Purchased this item from owner Terry Fitton of "Monsters in Motion" in Placentina, California on 9/8/00.

The 3 toys in packages came from Spain and were issued by the toy maker Montaplex in 1967. One package contains 4 divers. One package contains the seaview and 2 torpedoes. One package contains a mini sub, pilot, helicopter and an underwater mine. Each of these 3 packages are approximatly 4" x 5". Also included in this lot is a toy made in China (in the late 1990's), but was sold in Europe. This toy was designed to be a water toy, and although it does not refer to the TV show or the Seaview on the toy, I think it's obvious what this toy is based on! It is 7" long and comes with a hand held remote control for forward movement or diving.

These toys are extremely RARE and are in mint condition! They will be a nice addition to any Voyage toy collection!

This is a funny plastic Pull Toy, based on the 'Seaview' from 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea'. Original vintage item (sixties, made in Spain, inscription: 'US SIBIUM SS 546'). It was a 'cheap' pull toy, simplified model, made in plastic. Measures 16 1/2" (42cm) long, has 3 wheels, fine condition (unused). Really funny! Highly collectible!

(*) Update: New photos featured are Voyage Divers and inserts that also came with these mini subs. The Divers and inserts adds much to the value, completing the set. These are the first ever seen photos of these additions. Special thanks to, "Tony Rossell Sellart" in Europe!

Value: $75-Up.

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